About Us

About Us

Uvelinux.com is a Linux news, howtos, tutorials, useful tips, and app reviews of Linux website. Uvelinux.com was started in Dec. 2016. It is short of “You have Linux”.

Of course I start to use computer with windows (98) then I used Win ME, XP, and 7. After some years I was a very good windows user by reading, searching, and asking (by myself and some courses). I helped many professionals to solve the problems with winOSs and hardware problems and made some money in my city.

When I first started using Linux? It was with RedHat 16 years ago (I got the CDs with a Pc magazine 🙂 (with dual boot system) . At that time I admire to Linux/GNU. But unfortunately there were not many documents about Linux in my country and Internet was so bad with dial up modems (and costs so much to get online). After the years I used Fedora, Mandrake, Debian, Ubuntu.

I am 36 and a teacher now. I’m unemployed for a while. Stay home with my cats. That why i have time to write here. I have been using only Linux for 4 years (no more dual boot). Not any other OS. I m very happy with that. I feel free. It is not hard to use a Linux for home user. And Linux are not only for servers. It is secure and stable. I wish to share my experiences, useful tips, app reviews and thoughts. I use Ubuntu and Debian at home and CentOS for servers.

Why Ubuntu at home? Because it is well documented.

If you want you can join the team of Uvelinux and share your articles, ideas, tips, experiences and app reviews help to the others to make them feel free with Linux, contact us.

Please notify me if I make grammar, language or typing mistakes. I’m not a native speaker. You could contact me from here.