Master PDF Editor 4 on Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat, Suse

Master PDF Editor 4 on Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat, Suse

Are you looking for a solution to edit PDF documents on Linux? Then you need Master PDF Editor.

Master PDF Editor is Free PDF Editor on Linux ( for non-commercial use)

Master PDF Editor – Features

Edit PDF text, images and pages with full editing features
Encrypt and/or protect PDF files using 128 bit encryption.
Create new PDF or edit existing ones.
Add and/or edit bookmarks in PDF files.
Convert XPS files into PDF.
JavaScript support.
Adding a digital signature and Signing PDF Documents.
Fast and simple PDF forms fill out.
Dynamic XFA form support.
Validation Forms and Calculate Values.
Changing font attributes (size, family, color etc).
Add PDF controls (like buttons, checkboxes, lists, etc.) into your PDFs.
Import/export PDF pages into common graphical formats including BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.
Split and merge PDF files.

What is new in Master PDF Editor 4 for Linux

Version 4.0.10
Dec, 29th, 2016

Master PDF Editor 4.0 is based on version 3.x. New release of the established PDF editor has all the best of what was implemented for earlier versions, but with lots of bug-fixes, new features and tools.


function of scanning paper document into PDF file.
OCR – optical character recognition.
Add/Delete Headers and Footers” function, Watermarks” function, Background” function.
functionality for PDF export to text format.
functionality of image files convertion to PDF.
“Send by email” function with default email delivery application or SMTP.
Menu View has another one new kind of document display on screen – “Show Cover Page During Facing.”
work with Stamps.
virtual grid and implemented possibility to move objects by it.
different types of comments.
«Measuring tools» in comments.
possibility to export/import PDF forms when exporting/importing pages.
possibility to use system fonts in PDF forms.
search function for following parameters: “Whole Words Only” and “Find Previous”.

Improved general text search algorithm.
Increased number of JavaScript supported functions, fixed issues with global functions and variables.
Added “Full Screen” function.
Increased number of settable PDF document properties (File – Properties – Initial View) Also improved possibility to display document according to these properties on opening, if Default is set in Default Layout and Zoom.
Fixed issues, which occurred on resaving of some PDF documents.

Version 4.0.20
Jan, 10th, 2017

Added show/hide main menu function. Also “Full screen” mode is displayed without menu now.
Function doesn’t work in systems where main menu is global like MacOS or Ubuntu Unity.
Fixed issues; with hotkeys, particularly for Unity desktop in Ubuntu; with OCR, including issues with languages installation; other issues.

Version 4.0.30
Jan, 16th, 2017

Improved work with scanner. Now on Linux, image can be rotated or cut before inserting to the document page after scanning.
Fixed several different issues.


master pdf editor 4 dark

Download Master PDF Editor

For 64bit Versions

For CentOS/RedHat 7.x, Ubuntu 14.x – 16.x

Requirements: Qt 5.2.1 or later

Master PDF Editor 4 .deb 64bit Package For Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Ubuntu Based Distros


Use Gdebi or Software Center to install it


Master PDF Editor 4 .rpm 64bit Package For CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, Suse and Other .rpm Package Management System Based Distros

use rpm package installer

Master PDF Editor 4 64bit X-executable for All Distros Just extract and run it


Master PDF Editor 4 64bit X-executable for All

Requirements: Qt 4.6.2 or later



For 32bit Version

Requirements: Qt 4.6.2 or later:

Master PDF Editor 4 32bit X-executable for CentOS/RedHat 6.x, Ubuntu 12.x – 14.x


Master PDF Editor 4 .deb 32bit Package For Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Ubuntu Based Distros


Master PDF Editor 4 .rpm 32bit Package For CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, Suse and Other .rpm Package Management System Based Distros


You can use Free version that can be used only in non-commercial purposes, for example in educational purposes or at home. In this connection some
functions are locked in free version. In order to use the application in commercial purposes and with its full functionality you have to
purchase a license.

Following functions are locked in free version:

  • “Paste to Multiple Pages”
  • “Save Optimized As…”
  • “Document Actions”
  • “Document JavaScript”
  • “Page Properties”
  • “Signing PDF with digital signature”
  • “Headers and Footers”
  • “Watermarks”
  • “Background”

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  • June 4, 2018 at 01:37

    Deb files, rpm, targz, debs for Ubuntu 14 or 16 or 18 … crazy!
    Every computer programer should do just an AppImage and that’s it.

    • June 4, 2018 at 10:19

      🙂 appimage is great. But dep rpm files r not crazy. 🙂


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