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Install LibreOffice 6.0 with Just One Code on Ubuntu, Debian

To Install LibreOffice 6.0 with Just One Code on Ubuntu, Debian vs. LibreOffice is Free and Open Source office and powerful with clean interface, feature-rich tools. it is a powerful office suite, help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity.

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How to Install Dropbox on Linux .deb, .rpm, from Source

With Dropbox you can get your files from anywhere on any device that is why it is very important to have Dropbox Client on Linux

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Sayonara Player for Your Musics on Your Linux | Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch …

If you’r looking for performance, low CPU usage, low memory consumption, small, clear, fast, many features lightweight player Sayonara Player is for you

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How to Install Kdenlive Video Editor on Linux

Kdenlive Video Editor is an open source, powerful editor uses Qt and the KDE Frameworks libraries, relies like FFmpeg, frei0r, movit, ladspa, sox, etc…

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How to Install SMPlayer on Linux

SMPlayer is a free powerful media player for Linux, 30 languages support, easy to use with a nice graphical user interface. how to install smplayer

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Youtube-dl | Download Videos as MP3 Format from Youtube on Linux?

If you want to download videos from youtube and change the extentions to other formats, you need youtube-dl. download videos, playlist and mp3

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